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Great New Interviews! Brad tells what it was like behind the scenes with the blues masterss!

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Click HERE to read: Brad talks with BLUES BLAST's Henry Carrigan about the beginnings of his career, his songwriting process, and lots more!

Click HERE to read! "Guitarist Brad Vickers talks to BLUES GREECE's Michalis Limnios about Bo Diddley, Pinetop Perkins, Sleepy LaBeef, and the first published blues song." Brad has just updated his interview to talk about his time with Jimmy Rogers, Hubert Sumlin, Odetta, and the new CD, "That's What They Say".

Click HERE to read! Brad talks to Rudolf about (among other things) the music that he loves, and some other genres, well, not so much. (Please search or scroll to see Brad's interview on Rudolf's site.)

REVIEWS: What They're Saying About "That's What They Say"

"New Yorker Brad Vickers is a talented guitarist and amiable singer with an unstudied feel for the blues, ragtime and breakdowns of the Old South. Indeed, he and fiddlers Margey Peters and Charles Burnham (James Blood Ulmer, Living Color) combine qualities of integrity and congeniality, encouraging listeners to cozy up to 13 entertaining original tunes, Tampa Red’s “Seminole Blues” and the Lead Belly-associated “Don’t You Love Your Daddy No More?” *** 1/2 (Highly listenable)
– Frank-John Hadley, DOWNBEAT

"I include Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans next to Duke Robillard, The Ragpickers String Band,  and others in the front line. I enter this as evidence: I can safely and wholeheartedly recommend "That's What They Say"."
– Nathan Norgel, WASSER PRAWDA

"There is so much to recommend this brilliant collection..."

"This album is a marvel of roots music, rarely performed with such quality, and, if there is any justice, should be crowned as best traditional album ever made for a long time"
- Erick Tonton, BLUES & CO.

"A romp through a thoroughly enjoyable range of blues, Americana, roots, rock 'n’roll and ragtime, all with a great old-timey vibe. This is just the sort of album that makes you smile the whole way through." (On "Best Blues Albums of 2015 List)

"I’ve been a fan of Mr. Vickers for a few years now, and am in the habit of saying “He moves around from rockin’ blues, to jump blues, to ragtime, hitting all points in-between”.  And it’s a great sound, one which continues on this latest release...The performances are uniformly excellent, and this is the kind of record that anyone who likes genuine, rootsy music should cock an ear to. There are a host of guest performances, but with Mr. Vickers setting the controls, this is a pure delight."
- Stuart Hamilton, UK ROCKER

Brad Vickers plays good-time traditional blues with authenticity and panache...If your tastes are both eclectic and catholic, this set will delight you!"
–Nick Rainsford, BLUES IN BRITAIN

"If you’ve previously encountered the Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans band with sheer joy, let’s now take it up a notch. One rarely hears music and songs so relaxed and free. The band plows the roots of the earth, criss-crossing the field completely. Old-timey, folk, blues, and rock ’n’ roll have unexpected encounters with each other while still having the whole palette sitting firmly in line."

"It’s really a nice dictionary of American "old time music". The disc is number five for Brad Vickers, a good guitar player who came up in the court of Pinetop Perkins. The sound schemes of this new work unfold among old-time country, jug band music, early jazz, Appalachian music—not to mention the good old New Orleans rock and roll-style. We particularly liked the jazzy "Don’t You Love Your Daddy No Nore?",  and "Fightin’ “, a poignant and meaningful gospel."
-Fabrizio Pozzi, FABRADIO

"Wow! This is blues and roots music like it has not been heard in decades..."This disc should garner awards for best traditional album of the year, at the very least..."This is one of those things that will rate high on my list of top picks for the year. Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans are every bit the real deal. there is nothing contrived or unnatural about what they do at won't find anything like this anywhere else in the blues world. These cats and kittens are the real deal!" 

"Each song is better than the last.Regardless of whether it is a blues, ragtime, jazzy number or soul blues, it's obvious to the listener that the musicians sound really great. If you need and assessment of the album, it is a pure ten!"
- Mladen Loncar, SOUNDGUARDIAN

"The music jumps and swings just like an old-time string or jug band, with elements of Django and Grappelli interspersed throughout.  The set starts with the only two covers out of the fifteen songs.  First up is a poppin’ version of Tampa Red’s “my baby’s gone” song, “Seminole Blues.”  Next up is a song Brad learned thru Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter, “Don’t You Love Your Daddy No More.”  On this version, Jim Davis’ clarinet and Dave Gross’ mandolin give it a ragtime feel.  Speaking of ragtime, both Margey and Charles add fiddle to the “Twenty-First Century Rag,” where “your watch is a computer,” and “you can take a “robotic car” wherever you wanna go!
One of the most powerful cuts on the set is done a capella, save for Dave on percussion.  It is “Fightin' , (in the name of the Lord)” a brooding tale of greed and the sordid direction this country seems to be heading, and features some deep gospel shoutin’ from Mikey Junior.
We had three favorites, too.  Brad knows his love affair is coming to an end, due to the constant “ringside fights,” because “Everything About You Is Blue.” Margey takes the lead vocal on a jumpin’ little tune about every conceivable ethnic food delight one can imagine, “Mama’s Cookin.”  Early in his career, Brad worked with Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry.  You can hear that influence in one of the first songs Brad wrote.  It’s done as a duet with Margey, but with those fluid guitar lines and punchy sax, all that’s lacking in “Another Lonesome Road” is Nadine in that coffee-colored Cadillac!"
- Don and Sheryl Crow, DON & SHERYL'S BLUES BLOG

"The latest from the New York City-based guitaritst and singer-songwriter and his band, The Vestapolitans, amply demonstrates their mastery of various roots music forms...Brimming with carefree cool, “That’s What They Say” is a handsome addition to Brad Vickers and His Vestapolitans’ catalog.
 – Melanie Young, LIVING BLUES

"When it comes to remembering, reviving, and renewing the roots of American music (blues, folk, rag, rock & roll, etc….), there are few that can hold a candle to Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans.  With their fifth and latest release, That’s What They Say (ManHatTone Music), Vickers and crew bring us another outstanding set combining classic tunes from back in the day with their best batch of new songs yet."
- Graham Clarke, FRIDAY BLUES FIX

"They're all about roots music, whether it's blues, folk, ragtime, tinged with a healthy dose of rock 'n' roll...Sober, simple, and elegent...Excellent!"
– Jean Claude Mondo, MUSICZINE

"Vickers is an accomplished and versatile guitarist as evidenced by the diverse music herein. Devoid of generic blues-rock bombast and werewolf-in-heat vocals, That’s What They Say is a refreshingly mature change of pace and audio treat for big-eared fans.”

"I knew I would love this album as soon as I saw the classy ol' vintage acoustic guitar on the cover; I took it as a mission statement for what lays within and I was not disappointed. Brad Vickers and His Vestapolitans, with 'That's What They Say' and its mostly original compositions, take us on a creative odyssey across the width and breadth of the blues and roots genres, including gospel ... Paying homage, but giving a fresh new edge, making this recording thoroughly modern . Breathing life into what could be lost post and prewar standards, there is humor here too, there is rock 'n' roll, and there are echoes of Ry Cooder and J.J. Cale. What more could one want? This is a superb recording crafted by musicians at the top of their game, honoring their past but playing for now. 'That's What They Say' is sure to be on high rotation on my turntable and will have pride of place in my CD collection."
- Pete Williams, MADE IN THE SHADE

"With "That's What They Say" Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans place themselves in a time capsule and travel back in time, back to the roots. What they give their guests, is an excellent mix of blues, folk, roots and rags 'n' roll. This is a retro album which will please many!"
- Eric Schuurmans, ROOTSTIME

"Blues, folk, Americana, roots music, and ragtime are skillfully combined. This fine and powerful combination of styles is Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans’ trademark."
- Rudolf Van der Ree, RUDOLF'S MUSIC

“The fine-grooving rhythm is contagious. If you're open to blues, rags, country, folk, gospel and jazz-oriented sounds, this is just about the best there is.”
- Joachim “Joe” Brookes ROCKTIMES

Brad Vickers and the Vestapolitans have a winner with "That's What They Say", thanks to solid songwriting and excellent performance."
– Rex Bartholomew, BLUES BLAST

"It's a lot of fun! 'Seminole Blues' is a cool opener ... Leadbelly's 'Don't You Love Your Daddy No More?' has a super Bourbon Street feel ... really stripped down, almost Lou Reed like, 'That's What They Say' is a cool track with compact vocals and distinctive rock guitar riffs played acoustically. Very nice!"

"Please support my friends Brad and Margey and their sensational new CD!"

"Delta roots atmosphere mingles with country alternating originals with some covers. Blues as viewed by Brad Vickers and his group shows a mix of experience offering a traditional sound re-read with freshness...A very pleasant and substantial listening experience!"
– Michele Manzotti, IL POPOLO DEL BLUES

"A very successful and varied roots album!"

"Playing traditional blues, jazz, and rags has always been one of the characteristics of the music of Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans, and on his fifth album this is richly represented. Using mostly acoustic instruments, he does it all without sounding dated. His album is full of varied material. Forty-eight minutes spread over fifteen songs with high-quality listening pleasure.
–Eric Campfens, NIGHT OWL BLUES

Responses from listeners:
"It is a great album, deep down into American roots music."
- Bernhard Schulte, GERMANY
"There’s a lot of great music about at the moment, and this album is up there with the best."

"Stellar songs, beautifully performed, it has an old time sound that will brighten your day. Buy this as soon as possible. 5 Stars"
- Adam Tebrugge, US


REVIEWS: Great Response To "Great Day In The Morning"

"Thanks for providing us with such good traditional blues in a contemporary setting."
—Bill Wax
“ 'Great Day In The Morning' is an album that lifts your spirits with every note, yet it never sounds trivial or embarrassing. Acoustic blues at its finest."
—Nathan Norgel, WASSER-PRAWDA, Germany
"Brad Vickers quietly plies his trade to plenty of acclaim from those lucky enough to hear him–but maybe this will bring him a wider audience. Brad’s music is unassuming yet always listenable, respectful, and fun–and as such, it deserves to be heard more widely than it is!"
—Norman Darwen,  BLUES IN THE SOUTH
"Margey Peters and Brad Vickers are not only impressive musicians, but they can also write great songs. A very special album."
“ 'Great Day In The Morning' is a vibrant album. And if the spring is of short duration, I recommend you just put this CD into the player, and the sun returns immediately
—Gerrit Schinkel, BLUESMAGAZINE, Netherlands

"Brad fits the spirit of the Memphis jug bands into the modern world. Using open tuning, he lights up this magical product in my lap. The more I listen, the more I’m convinced. A nice easily accessible album, which draws on a variety of roots influences with a rare intelligence!"
—Joel Bizon, BCR MAGAZINE, France
"So enjoyable and easily accessible. You won't believe how quickly this…grows on you. Simply fun stuff that any muso that likes to run off the beaten track will love." —MIDWEST RECORD ENTERTAINMENT
"Gets you moving and gives you something to hum to yourself all day long. A great listen, and one I highly recommend."

"Stellar bottleneck slide. It’s easy to enjoy this set of old-time blues from Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans, and we give this one two big thumbs up!!"
—Sheryl and Don Crow.

"Vickers sounds like he's having a grand old time. His genial spirit filtering through his hickory-smoked vocals, slide guitar, and original tunes that hark back to the blues artists he reveres. 'Little Gem' is the title of one tune, and an apt description of the whole album."

"Pure riches! 'Great Day in the Morning' enters the list of Best Blues CDs of the 2013!"
—Mladen Loncar,
"Nothing less than exquisitely entertaining! A great collection of tunes covering the blues, ragtime, hill country breakdowns, roots, and Rock ‘n’ Roll.  And not only do they cover these genres, but they cover them with absolute authenticity. That comes across in all of the music that this amazing ensemble creates, and no more so than with their latest release, 'Great Day In The Morning'. Highly recommended and thoroughly enjoyed." —John Vermilyea, BLUES UNDERGROUND NETWORK

"Fabulous roots music. CD of the Week!"
—Roberto Rossi, PNR fm, Italy
"Why the Vestapolitans, such an entertaining group with so much rhythm and feeling, were never on the big festival stages, is one of those incomprehensible things that can only be compensated for by an adventurous organizer or a pioneering leader who dares to take the risk." —Marcie Geukens, ROOTSTIME, Belgium

"Full of quirks, humor and a whole lot of spirit, this band is absolute joyful noise."

"Delicious. Another fine album from Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans. Very varied, adventurous, and swinging. Just try to sit still; you cannot do so."
—Eric Campfens, BARN OWL BLUES, Netherlands
"Vickers knows better than anyone how to build a track. And his bottleneck slide guitar gives a full range of feeling. With this intelligent, unusual sound Brad Vickers brings a little sunshine into this rather cold springtime. A surprising blast of a release!"
—Philip Verhaege, KEYS AND CHORDS, Belgium
"I first encountered Mr. Vickers and his Vestapolitans on his 2011 release “Traveling Fool”.  I said, 'The original material is highly enjoyable, as Mr. Vickers moves around from rockin’ blues to jump blues to ragtime, hitting all points in between.' This time around, it’s all change as he embarks on a hip hop concept album about his relationship with the Feds.  Or, could be it’s more of the same. Yup, it’s the latter and very nice it is too! Unusually, for a blues man, he’s a believer in positivity, which would normally grate with me, but somehow it’s OK here. It’s very old school, and it’s all the better for it."
—Stuart Hamilton, UK ROCKER
" 'Great Day In The Morning' is fun - a collection with heart and soul. A likeably laid-back exuberance!" —John Taylor, BLINDED BY SOUND

"Brad Vickers and his versatile Vestapolitans tap expertly and wonderfully into the tradition again, on their fourth release, 'Great Day in the Morning.' "
—Rainey Wetnight, BLUES BLAST

"It's self-described 'Great American Roots 'n' Roll' —and talk about your truth in advertising—that's exactly what this is: blues, rock, soul, Americana, all smoother than the aftermath of a 50 foot slug. Vickers is backed by a knock-out band of pros that might just be the definitive bar band or even a top tier blues society presentation. Vickers learned his trade playing with the likes of Bo Diddley, Pinetop Perkins, Sleepy LaBeef, Chuck Berry, and evidently, took good notes."
“ 'Great Day In The Morning' is another fine addition to the Vestapolitan catalog…Vickers gets plenty of opportunity to show off his bottleneck guitar skills…It’s sure to put a smile on your face and a hop in your step."
"A nice change up from the steady diet of electric guitar-driven blues that dominates most blues playlists!"
"Ever since we discovered Brad Vickers And His Vestapolitans, we have eagerly waited for each one of his new releases. So we were delighted when 'Great Day In The Morning' arrived. It’s much more of an Americana-Roots style, and very cool as only Vickers and Company can be."
“ 'Great Day In The Morning' is a vibrant album. And if the spring is of short duration, I recommend you just put this CD into the player, and the sun returns immediately."
—Gerrit Schinkel, BLUESMAGAZINE, Netherlands

"There are several links back to the earliest days of recorded blues on this immensely entertaining album, the fourth from this New York-based outfit. On all 15 tracks there are sounds that should appeal to all the real blues lovers. Definitely recommended."
—Victor Ian Leyland, BLUES MATTERS, UK

"On this new album, Brad and two original Vestapolitans, Margey Peters, and Bill Rankin, play with the support of a whole gaggle of musicians who are really fun to hear and will fill lovers of blues music with joy…The best album of Brad’s to date."
—Bernard Boyat, CRI DE COYOTE, France

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